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Warfare 1944

Play Warfare 1944 Age Rating: All ages
Warfare 1944 is a flash game designed by a company called ArmorGames. ArmorGames usually make awesome games, this game is no exception. This game has been designed to be about the war in 1944, there are plenty of enemies and insertion points that you will have to destroy and conquer. You will be placed in the middle of the battle field with bullets and bombs going off everywhere around you, don’t let this shake your nerves as you push forward with all your might and skills. Train your troops and deploy them in to the correct isle of attack, make sure you train the correct troops for the correct situations as the battle field constantly changes! Warfare 1944 is no simple war game, in fact this war game is all about strategic war strategies. Weather you live or die depends on your skills as a Commander in the army! Choosing the right troops at the right time for the right tasks is key to completing the game Warfare 1944 and winning the war! If you think you are ready to take on the role of a Commander in the game Warfare 1944, you should give this game some of your time, Warfare 1944 is waiting for your amazing strategic gaming skills, good luck Commander!
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