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Play Toxers Age Rating: All ages
Your city is under the attack of deadly mutant bugs and spiders. They are killing and harassing people in Metropolis and being one of the survivors it is your duty to perform heroic deeds and save your city in this crucial time. You get a whole city to save and everything needs to be planned. In the start, except the shop everything is locked and you can only unlock other locations by completing the levels. You can visit the shop set up by Big Al to collect armor that will help you in your Quest. You can shoot, bash or attack in rage on your enemies. Find other survivors who will also take part in your fight and help you save Metropolis. If you think that you have the courage to save a city play Toxers. Use the Map to switch between different areas of the city and clear them.
Use Mouse to select the location and different attacking styles. Moreover, you can visit the Tips and Tricks menu to find some help. Do not ignore the game tutorial message.

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