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Squadz 2

Play Squadz 2 Age Rating: All ages
Get ready for the war field because enemy is coming to haunt you. Squadz 2 is a game that takes you in the war field where you have to build different squads in order to fight against your enemy. Your tower manufactures different weapons and with the help of these weapons you can attack and assassinate the tanks and jeeps of your enemy. The main objective of every stage is to destroy all the enemy towers located in that locality. Once you destroy all the enemy towers bravely you will move onto the next level. With the completion of each stage you get bonus weapons that help you in attacking your enemy. Squadz 2 is played turn by turn. Red boxes in the war field show the places that are under the attack of enemy and green color shows the area that can be attacked by you. It is up to you to take sensible steps to win the game. After your turn it is the turn of your enemy and once they are done it is again your turn to finish them off!
Use mouse and LEFT mouse button to move your attacking vehicles all over the war field until you achieve your target by destroying the towers of your enemy.

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