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Spitfire: 1940

Play Spitfire: 1940 Age Rating: All ages
In Spitfire, you are required to assist your fighters! The Battle of Britain is about to begin and you have been called out to manage and control the British defenses. You need to supervise your men, check intelligence reports, build planes, and then send Spitfires to defend your state against the threat of German invasion.
Assign different tasks to your men in the recruits screen. You then need to select those planes that you need to build in the factory. In the intel screen, check out the intelligence reports. You are then required to assign planes to areas in the area screen (utilize the Intel reports which will help you in the defense). In case, you lose two or more than two areas of defense, the game will be over. You need to shoot down 300 planes as this is going to avert the Germans from invasion. The quicker you shoot, the higher you are going to score.

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