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Royal Envoy

Play Royal Envoy Age Rating: All ages
You are taking the challenge by the King!! You are the one who have to safe and protect the wonderful and incredible land that is based on numerous islands from all the hardhearted and pitiless natural forces. You need to construct and then upgrade the building and homes for the citizens of the island and you will be becoming the chief city planner of spectacular and amazing Island shire. Think your way through to success in this mesmerizing and challenging game of treasure, pirates, and sizzling adventures. You should not be losing a chance if you want to experience all of the exclusivity with the extra edition. The game simply has a lot more to offer to its players and you will love each and everything once you start playing it.
While you start playing the game, you will be provided with appropriate instructions. You simply need to follow the on-screen tips and you will be able to progress with the game

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