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Ravens TD

Play Ravens TD Ravens TD is a game of defense and just defense. Ravens invade the nine towers and you are the master who is supposed to deal with them. Manning nine towers against flying birds can be really difficult, or kind of impossible. Well, its possible because it happens in this game.

The game features five slots, each with different levels. The level you will pick determines how much you can score. In simple terms, the lower the level you choose, the lower the points you will expect to get. Also, each level has some prize money and that again will depend on which level you play in.

This game requires that you keep advancing as the levels move on as the difficulty is. Its not hard when you get to know the tactics of attacking and defending against the marauding birds. The more you advance the tougher it will get so it will be a matter of how well prepared you are. Difficult levels of hardcore defense wait for you ahead. No level looks like the other, though the basic principal is to defend and keep defending. The ravens are stubborn and if you can get rid of them, you win.

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