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Pokemon Tower Defense

Play Pokemon Tower Defense Age Rating: All ages
Pokemon Tower Defense is designed for Pokemon lovers. If you are a true Pokemon lover wand want to enjoy the adventures of Pokemon just play Pokemon Tower Defense. You get the advantage of managing and using Pokemon to save the world. Some Pokemon are cruel and attack Dr. Oaks’s Lab and you start by saving his lab. Eventually the game takes you to higher level of ecstasy and you feel like you are really present in the world of Pokemon. You fight with various Pokemon and capture them in your Poke ball and use these captured Pokemon against your enemies. You are given many options and you have to choose between these choices. This feature makes Pokemon Tower Defense a very vast game and there is a never ending joy in playing this game. Therefore, if you are ready for Pokemon action play Pokemon Tower Defense
Move with the help of arrow keys Use your mouse and Left mouse button to choose Pokémon, drag him anywhere in the screen, choose between attacks and capture Pokémon by dragging the poke ball to the dizzy Pokémon. This is not the end you can also choose between different situations to enjoy the game at fullest.

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