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Play Dwooz Defense online. A mysterious alien race called The Dwooz is going to invade our planet Earth. Setup the defense towers and stop these creatures at all costs in this awesome Tower Defense Game. Use your mouse to play this game.
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Dwooz Defense

Play Dwooz Defense In Dwooze defense you need to protect the earth from a invasion of the aliens called: The Dwooz. In this tower defense game you have to build towers to defeat them. You can choose various different towers, each with their own benefits. Place them strategically so that they will not reach the end. Each tower can be upgraded, simply click a tower and then the upgrade info will appear. There are different colors of Dwooz creatures, some are stronger and others can walk faster. Click the colored bar for the next wave if you do not want to wait. A fun tower defense game with a total of 35 waves to defeat.

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