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Play Dont Panic online. Dont Panic, dont panic has found its way to Are you ready to defend your castle at all costs? Good luck!
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Dont Panic

Play Dont Panic Age Rating: All ages
Dont Panic is a unique tower defense game in which you will have access to 6 different weapons, 1 super powerful turret and 4 different backup classes! Fight wave upon wave of enemies as they come towards your castle! There are 3 different difficulties so if you find the easy and normal difficulties too easy you can then try the hard version of the game. There are two main bosses and fourteen gameplay levels so there is plenty to do! Are you ready for this?
W,A,S,D - Move player. Left Mouse - Shoot 1,2,3,4,5,6 - Change weapon. Space - Get in/out of turret. P - Pause.

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