Play Bugs Invasion TD online

Play Bugs Invasion TD online. The only way for stopping the Bugs Invasion is to place the best Tower Defense and defend the magical plants that can save the planet Earth!
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Bugs Invasion TD

Play Bugs Invasion TD Age Rating: All ages
The current year of 2012 brought much hope, fun, and peace to all mankind. Until suddenly the planet was attacked by big, mutated bugs that planed to swipe every living creature on Earth! Fortunately for us, there are 7 magical plants that can destroy the mutated bugs for a second! Unfortunately, the bugs knew about the power from those magical plants, that is why they regroup themselves, aiming to destroy all magical plants first! Your job is to defend those seven magical plants, with hopes to save the entire planet Earth!
Use the mouse to place and upgrade towers. Esc to cancel selection.

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