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Age of War is a deep and satisfying RTS that’ll keep you busy for hours. Spanning across 5 stages that each take place in distinct time periods, every chapter offers something different. The music is catchy and crisp, the controls are easy to maneuver and the game is challenging right from the get-go. The type of strategies you can try out to both attack and defend are nearly endless. With XP to gain, there’s always a reason to go back, which easily gives Age of War some replay value.
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Age of War

Play Age of War Age of War is a side-scrolling RTS that has deep strategy-based element integrated into it. You begin during the age of dinosaurs, with Neanderthals attacking each other’s bases. With 5 stages total, every stage jumps up a few centuries, offering new technology, weapons and strategic methods. To play, you just need to use your mouse to select; weapons, towers and defense tactics. Once selected, just click your mouse on the desired spot to plant it. If you use smart enough tactics, you can gain a hearty amount of XP that’ll upgrade your arsenal.

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