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Play Mini Putt 3 online.
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Mini Putt 3

Play Mini Putt 3 Age Rating: All ages
The cutest online gaming version of mini putt golf is now in town. Just sit, relax and enjoy watching the adorable ball go through the play-full designed mini putt golf courses.

Playing the game takes a steady hand and talent in shooting techniques. Having a speck of real golf experience can help in deciding the direction and speed of the golf ball.

When you got absolutely no skills on golf, just enjoy clicking around and aiming. You will get by just fine. With this easy to play golf game no golf fanatic can ever resist being hooked up on it.

Have fun competing with your friends with the available four play modes. Just click, aim and play the days away. Complete the mini putt golf courses and gain bragging rights when you collect your hole in ones.

With the mini putt game displayed on your screens, you can enjoy golf minus the tiring gameplay . Just click, point, and play along.

Using your mouse, drop the golf ball in the take off point. Move the cursor to aim at the desired directionandclick when you are ready to shoot. Remember that the further the cursor is from your golf ball, the more power the ball shoot will have.

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