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Simon Says

Play Simon Says Age Rating: All ages
Did you know that the Disney Channel has a games department, and that games department has made a very cool game called Simon Says. Simon Says is very fun and addictive to play! The main task of this game is to copy exactly what Simon does. In order to do this you will first need to choose your team, each team is the same, they just look different and have a different color outfit! Once you have chosen your team you will need to pick a team that you are going to compete against in this awesome Simon Says battle game. Once you have chosen your competition you will be taken to the stage to perform. Don’t let the crowds of people put you off, you’re here to win and be the best at Simon Says! To play this game you will need your mouse which you will use to point and click on the specific parts of the body that Simon says to touch. If you get it wrong your opponent will pass you in the ranks, make sure you concentrate so you can kick the competitions butt all the way off the stage, Good luck, your going to need it!
To play this game you will need your MOUSE

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