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Play Angry Birds online. Angry Birds is one of the most addictive game around, are you ready to burn up some of that boredom and kill some of those pesky green pigs that mock you constantly?
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Angry Birds

Play Angry Birds Age Rating: All ages
Ever since it was first made available for Apple's iPhone, Angry Birds has take the world by storm. It originally became popular among iPhone users for obvious reasons, but it has since been released on other formats such as the Android operating system and various online formats. You can even play Angry Birds online on numerous websites such as In Angry Birds, a group of pigs has stolen eggs from a group of mostly flightless birds. This has naturally made the birds very angry, hence the title of the game. The goal of the game is essentially to get the eggs back from the pigs, which apparently involves shooting birds from a giant slingshot at the pigs' many fortresses. The game eventually becomes a very difficult puzzle game as you need to figure out where and how hard to hit the fortresses to knock them down and eliminate the pigs inside. As the game progresses, it gets even tougher as more elaborate fortresses must be destroyed. Fortunately, you will be able to launch different birds at them. These birds can do things such as drop exploding eggs or dive-bomb fortresses to do additional damage. It's a simple game that has been done before, but it hasn't been done with the kind of colorful interface and goofy sense of humor that makes Angry Birds so much fun and addictive. Perhaps the best part of Angry Birds aside from how much fun it can be is that it can be updated easily. You could play the original version on an iPhone as it was originally released, or you can play the many updates and additional levels that have been added since it was first made available. The game is simple yet imaginative enough that programmers can create their own levels full of the most rickety or solid structures for players to destroy. This is perhaps why the game can so easily be spread across different platforms, not just on smart phones but on Flash game sites such as No matter where you choose to play it, there is no denying how addictive and fun 'Angry Birds' can be. Find out why this game has caught on all over the world and play Angry Birds online today.
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