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50 Clicks is a very rudimentary, yet challenging skill-based action game that can only be found here on GameSting. This game involves having the player click on the numbers that go from 1-50 as fast as they can. The faster they click on the numbers, the higher their score will be. This skill-based action game will surely take your reflexes to the test. There is no denying that this game will quickly become addicting to anyone that’s looking for a challenge. Go ahead and give 50 Clicks a whirl to see just how fast you really are!
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50 Clicks

Play 50 Clicks Age Rating: All ages
50 Clicks is a skill based action game that will put your hand and eye coordination to the test! The rules are simple. Players will see the numbers 1-50 come up on their screen. What they need to do is click on the numbers as fast as possible. You need to reflexes of a tiger and the quick draw talent of a gunslinger in order to click on all the numbers on time! The faster you click the numbers, the more points you will garner. Go ahead and give it a try, only here on GameSting!
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