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Stay Dead

Play Stay Dead Age Rating: All ages
Stay Dead is a top down shooter where you start off being equipped with a pistol against basic enemies. Dont get too complacent though because the enemies get tougher, culminating in boss fights where you will have to use all of your reflexes and ammo to survive.

In each level of Stay dead, you need to have killed a certain number of enemies to go to the next level. Also there are fearsome end of level bosses which mare much tougher than other enemies.

Along the way, the enemies drop ammo and health packs which will help out in keeping them at bay. You can also unlock other weapons such as a machine gun to go alongside your basic pistol. Be aware, though these weapons are more powerful, you dont get as much ammo for them as for your pistol.

Use the WASD keys to move around, and the mouse to aim and fire. The space bar changes the different weapons that you use. When moving around, make sure that you pick up the health and ammo, and stay out of the reach of the enemies.

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