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Japanese considering assaulting China, most of China have been already occupied. Now it has been a Chinese player who has to play the Sniper to stop the assault. He has to work all alone to impede Japanese stronghold by assassinating the Japanese with his Sniper. You have to enter your name as a HERO and then you have to shoot out your enemies with your Sniper.
While the enemies have invaded your home country, you being a sniper have to play the role here. You have been sent out near the enemies camp where you have to shoot them out. Press the space button before your enemies could see and start shooting, press the A key right away when you are required to cover yourself. When you are required to exist your cover, you need to press the S key. Space bar is going to open up the fire and also it can be used to close the sniper, shoot and click the left mouse button. S key to stand, A key to Hide, Spacebar to aim, Left mouse button is to aim and shoot.

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