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Phantom Sniper is an action game for people who love playing strategic military shooters. Being in the skin of a true sniper is heavily realized in this game and anyone who enjoys military FPS’s will certainly enjoy it. The controls are fairly tight and responsive and things can get pretty tense whenever you’re spotted. It’s also fun to find your target and waiting for the right moment to neutralize him. Play Phantom Sniper if you suddenly finding yourself having an itchy trigger finger.
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Phantom Sniper

Play Phantom Sniper Phantom Sniper lets you get into the boots of a highly decorated marine that’s loves hiding in the shadows. At the beginning of every mission, you are given briefs and a picture of your assigned target. It’s up to you go pick out your target and dispose of him without being spotted. If you are spotted, you have to keep a low profile momentarily until things cool down. It’s very important that you follow your briefings to the letter so you won’t fail your mission. You control your rifle with you mouse and you shot by clicking it.

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