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Play Penguinz Age Rating: All ages
Do you like killing your enemies without showing mercy? No? But this penguin loves to tie a red bandanna on his head and kill all his enemies brutally. Penguinz is a very funny game with funny cartoonish characters. You are playing the role of a penguin in Antarctica who has a gun in his hand and is on his way to kill all his enemies until he reaches the BOSS and takes his revenge. No one knows his story but there is something that is making him do the entire massacre in Antarctica. If you want to witness the assassination of penguins from the hands of a single penguin you should play Penguinz. This game does not exhibit assassination instead it is an interesting shooting game with different cartoonish characters. Play penguinz to enjoy shooting around in the chill of Antarctica. Hence, Penguin lovers can watch penguin this way for the first time in gaming. You can enjoy different features of this game while moving onto higher levels.
Use W, A, S, D to move. Move cursor to aim and Press LEFT mouse button to shoot.

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  • putercat's avatar putercat
    this game is so awesome.i love shooting the penguins. posted on Apr 11 2012 @ 18:36:55