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Orchard Defense is a quaint, delightful action/puzzle game that is really simple to get into. The colorful design is very reminiscent of a children’s book and anyone can play it once they get passed the short learning curve. Anyone that likes strategic planning on how they can obtain a high score will certainly get a kick out of this game. Orchard Defense brings something new to the table when it comes to action puzzlers and it’s recommended for people of all ages.
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Orchard Defense

Play Orchard Defense Age Rating: All ages
Orchard Defense is a very simple “defend-the-base” kind of action game to where you play as an old man smashing imposing ants with apples. You use your mouse to point and lock down what angle you’re going to use. Once you have your angle down, click it to make the man the old man toss a rock up into the apple tree and knock down the apples onto the ant. You can rotate your desired angle from the old man a complete 360 degrees to ensure freedom of picking out your angle and planning your attack.
While you are considering playing this game, you have to save the Apples You have to make use of the mouse directions and gain power for different weapons such as watering can, rake, rock and a lot more. You have to knock down as many apples as you can out of the trees as per one throw; moreover, you also have to crush the thieving beetles, porcupine, and ants before they happen to steal away the apples from your basket. As soon you gain more points, your weapons will be upgraded.

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