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Mass Mayhem

Play Mass Mayhem Age Rating: All ages
Start with a bang and have fun. Experience the fun of aiming missiles and destroying cars, houses and posts. But definitely not for real. When you need to release your angst and just kill with bombs, just click on your desktops and unleash your inner rebel playing Mass Mayhem. Destroy and kill people as much as you can. The more lives and objects destroyed, the higher the points. Each level requires you to aim the missiles at a number of people. Win by meeting and exceeding this number. As morbid as it may sound, this game can actually be fun. The challenge is to direct the missile to a crowd situated in slopes and strategic locations. Bloody and violent, this can be perfect for the easing of strong emotions. Parental advisory needed rebel players-recommended.
The game is very easy with the easiest Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control the direction of the “terrorist.” Press the spacebar when the missile is ready to make a bang and kill. Whats more exciting is that the directions of the missile can still be controlled even after the release. Enjoy seeing bloody animations as you play along. But careful on your aim. You lose when you explode with your missile.

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