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Imagine your house is full of insects that are troubling you. Imagine that you are an insect fighter eliminating these insects from your house. You are not a common man and when darkness prevails you become inscectonator loaded with guns and stones to kill insects. Play inscectonator to kill insects with the help of different weapons available in the inventory. In the first stage you get stones to kill insects but with the completion of higher levels you get advanced weapons to kill insects. The advantage you have is that your inventory never gets empty and you can shot as many bugs and insects as you want until you achieve the given target. You are also bound to complete your task as fast as you can to achieve higher score. Play inscectonator to enjoy the massacre of insects and check your abilities of aiming at a target. Both the enjoyment and the difficulty level increases as you play the higher levels of inscectonator. inscectonator is undoubtedly a good game for those who hate insects!
Use your mouse to aim at the insect and shoot by pressing the LEFT mouse button. You can switch between different by pressing Z, X, C, <,>. Press SPACE BAR to open the inventory and choose your weapon.

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