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Call Of Bieber

Play Call Of Bieber Age Rating: All ages
Call of Bieber is a funny shooting game where you will be required to play as Justin Bieber the popular singer.The cops try to bust you Bieber.You got to avoid them and stay free. Your main task will be to shoot and kill all cops that will come your way. There will be objects that can provide cover for you and protect yourself from the cops running after you. The only big challenge will be, some of these objects can easily break, and that will be the end of you.

As you get rid of your enemies and pursuers you get money you can use to get better and bigger weapons.

It has been inspired by the television popular series of Crime Scene Investigation, with a lot of action both funny and adventurous. If you can be a good shooter, then this game is for you. It requires a creative daring fellow, who can dodge the corps, station where they canr see him, and operate from there.

You have to use the mouse to select the option you want, either aim or shoot. Keys A and D will be used for moving either for cover, or advancing. You will use the space bar to reload your guns.

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