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Ben ATV Escape

Play Ben ATV Escape Age Rating: All ages
Aliens are attacking the Earth and Ben 10 is chasing them to save this world. Ben 10 ATV Escape is an interesting Ben 10 game in which Ben 10 is chasing the Alien spaceships and destroying them to save the Earth from their evil plans. Ben 10 is riding on his ATV while Grandpa and Guan are in the Zeppelins to help Ben 10. You can also live the life of Ben 10 by playing this game. You can also save the day like Ben 10. You just have to ride on ATV and chase the Alien Spaceships. Meanwhile your job is to collect the Alien balls falling from the Zeppelins and avoid the bombs thrown from the Alien Spaceships. Ben 10’s life is very hectic but this makes him hero. If you are ready to spend a hectic day of Ben 10’s life play Ben 10 ATV Escape. This game is very easy yet interesting because it has Ben 10 in it and trouble follows Ben 10. Best of luck for your day as Ben 10!
Move cursor to move ATV. Press and hold LEFT mouse button to aim and shoot.

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