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Bang Bang Bunny

Play Bang Bang Bunny Age Rating: All ages
Do you want a gun in your hand and kill people without any reason? NO? But this bunny does. He has a gun in his hand and he jumps all around to kill his enemies to collect the orbs. If you want to be a serial killer play Bang Bang Bunny. This game takes you the scenes of a bunny where you have to jump over hurdles, cross the long gaps by long jumps to kill your enemies. You have to be quick or else your enemies will kill you. In Bang Bang Bunny you play the role a masked bunny that is fast, curious and dangerous. He is a devil in his actions and wants to take all the orbs. DO not forget to take all the orbs to make your bunny feel happy. If you think that you are ready for such massacre click on the play button and enjoy your killing adventure.
Press W, A, S, D to move. Move the cursor to aim and Press LEFT mouse button to shoot. Press W twice for longer jumps.

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