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Play Aarrggbb!! Age Rating: All ages
The Zombies have attacked the world and the world is looking forward you to save it. You are the most experienced and powerful Zombie shooter and only you can wipe them out. You will start your adventure by killing zombies until you wipe out all of them from this peaceful world. So take your gun and start shooting zombies. Be careful because you are short of time and some zombies have made armor from the trash so you have to shoot them twice or thrice to complete your goal. You can unlock heavy and more powerful weapons for the massacre of zombies by completing higher levels. The more you play the more zombies you have to kill. Play AARRGGBB to kill 3 different colored zombies and save your world. You can shoot them with the help of different guns and bazooka. So if you think that you can prove yourself to be the only HERO left in this world play AARRGGBB and kill Zombies. Do not forget that you have to be quick because the time is running out.
Move cursor to aim. Press LEFT mouse button to shoot.

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