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13 Days in Hell is an action game that has everything you’ll expect when it comes to fighting the armies of hell with different kinds of firepower. For those who grew up in the 90’s, this action game looks and plays very similar to those classic first-person shooters that ushered in a new age of today’s generation. Challenging and varied, this action game will keep even the most seasoned shooter fan on their toes. 13 Days in Hell holds nothing back with its hard-nosed and addictive gameplay. With every bullet discharged, you will feel like a true survivor.
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13 Days in Hell

Play 13 Days in Hell Age Rating: All ages
13 Days in Hell is a wonderfully crafted action game that throws the player into an evil abyss that’s crawling with zombies and other cretins. You progress through this first-person shooter collecting guns, ammunition and whatever else you can find that will help you survive against the blood-thirsty minions of hell. This action game will be seen as very reminiscent to those that grew up playing Doom, Wolfenstein, etc. 13 Days in Hell is a very arcade-like shooter that will bring hours of bloody fun to those that are craving something that entails spreading entrails.
To play this game you will need your MOUSE and KEYBOARD

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