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Skid MK

Play Skid MK Age Rating: All ages
Just start your engines as you have come across one of the best racing adventures. You are going to find freakish drivers, Crazy tracks, with some of the grossest power-ups that you have ever experienced. It is not about racing but it is a better way of life. While you are playing, you are going to race in one of the best 3D racing formats. You should not forget to grab all the pickups, as this is the only way you will be able to win against racers. The game supports a cheeky sense of humor along with superior quality graphics.
You are required to press the spacebar to load the game. While you are considering how to play the game: you are required to press Spacebar to power up, P key if you want to pause the game, Left, Right, Forward, Reverse with respective arrow buttons.

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