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Play Road side Biker online.
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Road side Biker

Play Road side Biker Age Rating: All ages
It is a free online game, it is considered to be one of the games which would certainly be loved by racing enthusiastic. It has been included in the racing category. You are driving your bike and during that, you can perform numerous stunts. The purpose of this game is to make you that you are properly timing your jumps so that you so not land in water. You need to go through all the obstacles that come across your way so that you could safely and easily land on the other side. You can easily play the game over the Web.
When you want to play the game, you need to pull over the yellow arrow on the bike which is going to enable your bike to move forward and it will be able to fly through the barriers, landing safely on the other side. The control keys or buttons are; click the left mouse button over the bikes yellow arrow, hold your click for some time and then drag it to the left and simply see your bike flying.

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