Play Neon Race 2 online

Play Neon Race 2 online. Get your neon vehicle and enter the improved Neon Race 2.0 version! Smash cars, earn cash, purchase speed upgrades and assure to escape the usual cop killer patrol!
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Neon Race 2

Play Neon Race 2 Age Rating: All ages
At Neon Race 2.0 the most important thing is to smash red and orange vehicles and motorbikes to gain turbo boost and extra points, while avoid hitting the blue vehicles at all costs. However the killer vehicles that are the cops cars, you must ram them off the road or escape them by using your turbo boost! At the neon tournament there are also many powerups and cash coins, that you must collect them if you want to upgrade your vehicle up to the max!
WASD or arrow keys to drive, X or N for turbo boost.

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