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Mario Racing Tournament

Play Mario Racing Tournament Age Rating: All ages
Ready, get set, and start racing. Push the pedal on the metal and brace yourself to a car race with the most favorite gaming characters of all time. Surely, anyone cant help but be nostalgic playing with the princess and other icons from ethereal video game, Super Mario. Super Mario has raised up its gaming level up to racing with the princess. Race through the seven courses and earn as many coins as you can by hitting the golden blocks. And just when you start to think everything is too familiar, you start reuniting with the mushrooms and flowers that can be used to make the other racers dizzy. Going forward means getting more Super Mario super surprises in this racing game like no other. With over 8 characters to choose from, you can race with cute rounded cars with your favorite icon.
Just like every other race, the goal of the game is to reach the finish line first by pressing the keys D for acceleration, S for break, A for reverse and W for jumping. Use the spacebar to use the special items collected to your advantage. But make sure you go really fast, because your Super Mario opponents might get hold of all the coins and collectibles.

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