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Mario Bros Motobike

Play Mario Bros Motobike Age Rating: All ages
Broom Broom. Did you hear that? Broom Broom. Its Super Mario Bros. He just had a new motorbike and he is warming it up. You know him, he loves to go through the land. He wants to drive his bike to reach the end of each level with success. And just like in any Super Mario Bros game, he loves to collect as many gold coins as he can. And the stunts he has to do, some fantastic front flips and awesome back flips. But he just learned how to ride the bike. How can he do it? He needs your help. Get your helmet and ride with him. Be sure to wear some protective gears. As sure as he wants a steady ride, it could be dangerous. Like I said, he needs to make some flips and flops. So watch out for the humps. Have a steady grip on those handles as you go uphill and make to cross to other side of the cliff.
Inside the window you will see controls indicating move, front flip and back flip. Use your mouse to perform these motions. And be sure that you get every coin along the way.

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