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Play Gangster Runner online. Gangster Runner is an awesome driving game, you will be driving for the mafia! The mafia will be robbing banks and you will be the getaway driver for the bank robbing team.
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Gangster Runner

Play Gangster Runner Age Rating: All ages
Gangster Runner is a great game, you will take on the role of the gangsters driver, you will need to park in the right place to let them out while they rob the banks, once they have their stolen cash they will need to your race away without the cops catching you, they hired you because they were told you are an excellent driver! Do you think you have what it takes to drive up to a bank then rob it and get away scott free? If you think you can do it, try this game, maybe you will be the best getaway driver every!
Use your ARROW keys to control the car, park it then escape from the cops.

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