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Play Funny Cars online. You the owner of the Funny Car. In the morning, having arrived for work, you need to park the car in a proper place. Have parked? Don't think that in the evening you can easily leave parking. Now you need to part forcibly cars which block to you departure. Thus you have possibility the car, buying new spare parts in shop.
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Funny Cars

Play Funny Cars Age Rating: All ages
Practice your manoeuvring in Funny cars to get your parking right. You progress through a series of different parking spots avoiding all the other cars. You take full control of your funny car controlling it with the arrow keys as if you had control over the steering wheel.

Other levels take you out of the car and have you pushing cars around the parking lot to move them out of the way so you can drive into your parking space. For some of these you will have to move other cars out of the way first so that you can fit it all together.

Another cool thing that you can do in this flash game is to customise you car. Each level you play, you get cash based on how successful you are. At the end, there are various things which you can add to the car to get it looking cool.

From adding a huge spoiler, to changing the tint of the windows, you can alter all kinds of things on the car.

When driving the car, the up arrow key moves forward, with the right and left arrow keys changing the angle of the steering wheel. You can see the angle of the wheel in the bottom left of the screen.

The objective is to fit the car into the white parking space. Make sure you dont hit the other cars.

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