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Play Formula Racer online. Formula Racer is a great game, since the F1 is on now every Sunday its only right to have a game that you can play after the race. Are you ready to take on the fastest cars in the world and place 1st?
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Formula Racer

Play Formula Racer Age Rating: All ages
Formula Racer is a cool racing game in which you will race a F1 car around some of the worlds most famous tracks. If you place above 3rd in every race you will gain the ability to unlock a special engine to help you beat all the other F1 drivers in each race. Before you earn your new engine you are able to use your kinetic boost kit, this is boost allows you a couple of seconds extra power to give you an edge over your opponents, just make sure you dont boost through the corners otherwise you will go off road and loose valuable time!
To play this game you will need your ARROW KEYS to drive the car and SPACE to boost.

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