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Playing Diesel and Death online is an action game will certainly add some entertainment value to those slow days in the office. The colorful and vividly imagined tracks in this game are very pretty to look at and the bikers “Death” and “Diesel” are really detailed as well. The gameplay is smooth and anyone who enjoys any kind if side-scrolling motorbike game will enjoy playing Diesel and Death. It’s fast, fun and wildly addicting when you pull off insane stunts while jumping across pits.
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Diesel and Death

Play Diesel and Death Diesel and Death gives the motorbike racing genre a new spin by letting you take the role of a motorcycle known as “Death”. You ride across this post-apocalyptic wasteland as you try to beat your opponent, “Diesel”. Now, scattered throughout the tracks are canisters of diesel that’ll boost up your bike and help your ride much faster. Pressing the “up” arrow on your keyboard lets you jump while the “left” and “right” arrows let you maneuver. You have to avoid these deadly pitfalls that are peppered throughout the tracks and watch for bombs that “Diesel” will throw at you.

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