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Carbon Auto Theft is a really stylized action/racing game that gives players the chance to feel like a thief in the night. It has a whimsical art direction and the responsive controls can really help you get out of some really tight situations. Some patience and surgical timing is needed in order to progress through this game. Anyone who is looking for a more mellow racing experience might want to play Carbon Auto Theft online to see if they have what it takes.
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Carbon Auto Theft

Play Carbon Auto Theft With Carbon Auto Theft, you will play as the ultimate carjacker that needs to steal and deliver certain cars as fast as you can before your competitors do. In the beginning of the game, you steal a car from hacking a security code with the arrows on your keyboard. Then you have to maneuver out of the parking lot without hitting the other cars by controlling it with your keyboard’s arrows. With each progressing level, pulling out of the parking lot gets tougher. Be careful! If you hit any of the cars, the cops will arrest you!

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