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Bike Mania on Ice is an excellent entry to the Bike Mania series here on GameSting! With the controls being fundamentally the same, the catch is that you’re riding on a much more challenging terrain. So, any Bike Mania fans looking for a challenge, this game is for you. The Bike Mania on Ice game is beautiful to look at and very entertaining to play. Go ahead and melt the ice with your hot new stunts with this new installment.
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Bike Mania on Ice

Play Bike Mania on Ice Bike Mania on Ice certainly puts the bike racing genre into a "cool" new category. This spinoff of Bike Mania and Bike Mania 2 puts you into a role of playing a dirt-biker riding off into an icy terrain. Pushing the “up” arrow lets you accelerate, the “down” arrow reverses and the “left” and “right” arrows balance your bike. It’s real easy to pull off some rather awesome looking stunts and the faster you go, the higher your score will be. There are different tracks that come with their own challenges so, be sure not to crash!

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