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ATV Offroad Thunder lets you control a number of ATV’s throughout 8 challenging tracks. The graphics in this game are highly detailed and it can end up being very fun to play after some practice. It also has a fairly high replay value due to the number of vehicles and tracks that can be unlocked. You can even use nitro to blast up into the air to pull off even more insane stunts. ATV Offroad Thunder is suggested for anyone that’s a fan of off-roading or just racing in general.
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ATV Offroad Thunder

Play ATV Offroad Thunder Age Rating: All ages
ATV Offroad Thunder is a side-scrolling action racing game that puts you behind the wheel of all-terrain vehicles through an assortment of different tracks. There are a total of 8 tracks as well as a number of ATV’s to unlock. You press the “space bar” to jump, the “up arrow” to accelerate and the “down arrow” to decelerate. Thus, you need to use the “left” and “right” arrows to balance your rider to you can properly land with your vehicle when pulling stunts. The more stunts you pull off, the more points you can accumulate.
Press UP to move forward, Press DOWN to move backwards, Press Left and Right keys to steer. Press 1-7 to perform combos. Press Z for Nitro.

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