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Atom Heart

Play Atom Heart Age Rating: All ages
Have you ever imagined a world without living beings? A world completely ruined and nothing left? Atom Heart takes you to 2017 when there are no signs of life and the earth has been destroyed by endless wars and epidemics. Most of the humans are dead and the few left are either infected or trying to survive. You are among the survivors who are trying to amuse themselves by crazy biking in a devastated nuclear plant. You still have hope that someday everything will be alright and to see that day you have to kill all the infected ones. The main idea behind this game is that if you have to kill them all then do it with style and amusement. You ride on a bike perform stunts and kill the infected humans. Your gang is among the ones who think that it is better to enjoy the left time than weeping for the past. Play Atom Heart to experience the life of one such survivor
Press UP to move forward, Press DOWN to move backwards and that’s all.

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