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Playing A Bikers Heaven is like a breath of fresh air. You play as a biker who is trying to ride his way up to heaven. Of course, there is no easy task. You will have to avoid pitfalls and other obstacles that come your way. You can execute these massive jumps and once you land, you don’t know what’s going to come next. The art style is also well done. A Bikers Heaven is something that will certainly keep you on your toes. Anyone that’s looking for something different should check out this racing game.
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A Bikers Heaven

Play A Bikers Heaven Age Rating: All ages
A Bikers Heaven is a spellbinding racing game. Players take control of a biker who is riding his way up toward the emerald gates of heaven. As players ride their bikes, they will have to avoid a variety of obstacles and pits that come their way. You can jump over these obstacles by pressing “up” or the space bar. You can fly and jump high in the air as you roar up to the clouds. The whimsical art direction gives this game a light-hearted feel. The tracks are beautiful and it gives a refreshing take from the bike racing genre.
Use ARROW keys to move. Press UP or SPACE BAR to jump

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