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3D Quad Bike Racing is a blistering paced action racing game that gives players the control of a quad biker through a number of challenging courses. By playing the game with your keyboard, it’s fairly simple to maneuver your quad bike over the obstacles and sundry courses. This action game will keep your adrenaline pumping as you tear through all the tracks with ease. It’s fun to play, easy to get into and it gets more and more challenging with our progression. 3D Quad Bike Racing is highly recommended for racing action game fans out there.
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3D Quad Bike Racing

Play 3D Quad Bike Racing Age Rating: All ages
3D Quad Bike Racing is all about racing a quad bike in 3D around a track as fast as you can, doing your best to come first place is what your looking to achieve! Quick tip would be to release the power before the corners then accelerate out of them, this will give you maximum speed out of the corners so you can keep up with the competition. Each level gets harder and more technical so be ready for a challenge!
To play this game you will need your ARROW KEYS

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