Play Truck Loader 2 online

Play Truck Loader 2 online. Truck Loader 2 is here and what a blast it is! Much the same as the old one, you will be grabbing the crates and boxes and placing them in the ruck in certain positions!
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Truck Loader 2

Play Truck Loader 2 Age Rating: All ages
Truck Loader has come back with to us under popular demand with Truck Loader 2. This game is much like the first but with many more levels to be completed. The second edition to the Truck Loader series is more clever than the first, there are things to trick you and things to make life much harder! You will still be picking up boxes with your magnetic attachment and stacking them in the truck in a specific order and fashion so make sure you think ahead enough to load the truck correctly!
To play this game you will need your MOUSE and your WASD keys.

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