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Sushi Cat 2

Play Sushi Cat 2 Age Rating: All ages
A bad fat dog has taken away the Sushi of this cute fat blue cat and she is going to take her Sushi back from him. Sushi cat 2 is a marvelous game designed to amuse the children of all race. The blue fat cat is so beautiful and adorable that it doubles the enjoyment of this game. The graphics are superb and the idea behind this game is to portray the everlasting war between cats and dogs. You have to take all the Sushi available in the maze and drop the cat to a basket with high score until full Belly is achieved. The difficulty level goes on increasing with higher levels and it becomes more difficult to achieve full belly but your job is to do this. If you think that you can play Sushi Cat 2 without getting lost into the cuteness of the fat cat you should try this game and make her get back her sushi from that big bad dog. Your game starts from supermarket and you are supposed to chase the dog.
Move cursor to move Sushi cat right or left. Press LEFT mouse button to drop Sushi Cat

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