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Super Mega Balance Party

Play Super Mega Balance Party Age Rating: All ages
Have you got excellent balance? Super mega balance party is a physics flash game which will have you teetering on the edge of success before plunging into despair. The objective of the game is to keep on a level balance while you throw weights onto the balance beam.

Throw too many on one side and it will tip over throwing the pieces around. But if you dont bring enough down, you wont get a good score as you are rated on the number of different weights that are on the beam when the time runs out.

In Super mega balance party, it isnt as simple of throwing weights down on to a basic beam. There are different shaped weights such as round ones, long ones, and even slippery ones which you will come across as you go up the levels.

Even the balance bar changes to a bouncy or slippery one. Can you beat all 18 levels and stay balanced, or will you tip over into the loser pile?

Play Super mega balance party and find out.

Move the mouse from side to side to choose the place to drop the weight, then click the left mouse button to drop the weight.

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