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Slash Boom

Play Slash Boom Age Rating: All ages
Slash Boom is a physics game that appears to be a cross between Demolition City and Splitter; you are required to 50% or half of each of the structure off the screen by simply slicing it two times and then blowing it up. The game enables you to waste your time with great ease which you are also going to enjoy. You just have to test your logical skills in this volatile and impulsive physics slicing game. The rules associated with the game are extremely simple: you have to blow most of the structures off the screen. At each new level, you have one boom and two slashes. The Slashes are drag and drop sort of motions that you have to make all across the structure which it is going to cut. As soon as you have placed two logical cuts, you can place Boom and you simply need to click.
You just have to click and drag twice to create the logical cuts and then click to ignite your bomb. You will be having three different levels and you have to get 50% of the entire structure to fly off the screen to move to the next level.

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