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Ragdoll Cannon 3

Play Ragdoll Cannon 3 Age Rating: All ages
Play Ragdoll Cannon 3 to enjoy this interesting game. You have a ragdoll man in the cannon and you have to blast him off to hit the target. This game takes in it many different aspects. You have to take care of angles and the power management in order to hit the target perfectly. There are many obstacles placed in each level and you have to cross them in order to let the ragdoll hit the target. With the completion of levels not only the obstacles but also the number of targets increase. Before you start every level read the instructions because every level has its own instructions. If you do not know how to complete a level you can use the level solution option to get hints. You can also make any level manually and then try to complete it. If you think that are good with angels and have a good concentration power try Ragdoll Cannon 3 to check whether you think right or wrong.
Move cursor to aim. Move the cursor away from cannon to throw the ragdoll at a long distance and vice versa. Press LEFT mouse button to shoot.

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