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Ragdoll Cannon 2 still has the same solid foundation that its predecessor does. However, it has an entirely different look to it. Inside of the “doodles on paper” level design the first installment had, we get wool and matchsticks. Yes, the ragdolls you shoot are made entirely out of matchsticks this time around. The later levels get very difficult and it can be a brain teaser. Despite its new look, Ragdoll Cannon 2 is as entertaining as the first and it’s recommended for fans.
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Ragdoll Cannon 2

Play Ragdoll Cannon 2 Ragdoll Cannon 2 is essential the same as its predecessor. You have a cannon that’s stuff with an ample supply of ragdolls and you shoot them without hitting obstacles. You aim your cannon at the desired target and fire to see if you can hit it. You use your mouse to move the cannon and you click on it to fire it. The ragdoll physics on this game is spot on and you’re going to use it a lot in order to hit your target. There are 70 levels in total and every progressing level gets increasingly difficult.

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