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If you play Ragdoll Cannon online, you will see why it’s becoming increasingly popular. The art style this game is something that is rarely done in computer games…and that is simplicity. The world in this game looks like nothing more than sketches on a weathered piece of paper. This actually perfectly fits into the wacky environment this game has and what it involves. Ragdoll Cannon will melt those hours away quite easily if you’re looking for something that’ll be a nice little time burner.
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Ragdoll Cannon

Play Ragdoll Cannon Ragdoll Cannon is a simple, yet effectively entertaining action game that involves just playing around with physics. What you do as a player is aim your cannon at your target, then when you feel you’re ready, fire it! A ragdoll will fly out and smack onto the target, based on what angle your cannon was and how well you timed it. If you miss, you will have to retry a few times until you move on. As you progress through the game, you will have to deal with obstacles like; chains, ramps and balls.

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