Play Rabbit Rustler online

Play Rabbit Rustler online. The Rabbit Rustler is all about getting the rabbits to the portal using a carrot as a treat. These little rabbits loves carrots and will follow them everywhere!
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Rabbit Rustler

Play Rabbit Rustler Age Rating: All ages
The Rabbit Rustler is a game in which you will be tricking the rabbits into following a tasty carrot treat, use this treat to make the rabbits enter the portal on each level. You can pick up and replace the carrot anywhere on the game to manipulate which direction the little rabbits hop. You can even help the rabbits along by pushing them or pushing objects around that need to be moved out of the way! Do you think you can help the rabbits get to the teleporter?
To play this game you will need your WASD to control the ship and SPACE BAR to place and pick up the carrot.

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